Saturday, November 29, 2008


For as long as I can remember I've been fascinated by wolves. I just love wolves (the four legged kind). The biggest disappointment of my trips to Yellowstone and Alaska was that I never saw a wolf. I've seen them in zoos, but never in the wild.

I guess that's why I tore an article out of one of my magazines. It describes a program in Ely, Minnesota where you can learn to howl with the wolves. I checked out the website of the International Wolf Center ( for more information.

I think I've found my vacation in 2010. I can join a program in Ely. This program is called, "Mush with the dogs, howl with the wolves". It sounds great. You learn to work with a dogsled team and also how to howl like a wolf.

I have to wait until 2010, even though they have room in a program in January 2009 because, quite frankly, I'm not in shape. I haven't gone to the gym in ages. I'll have to start training, particularly with weights, then I'll have to walk more and of course, lose weight. I don't want anyone doubting my ability to complete the program. I think I can do it. It sounds like a great program.

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ms/sss said...

I read the website that you provided. I am amazed at what you get yourself into! You are courageous!
Last year, we looked at a house in Kansas. It was beautiful. Do you know what kept me from further pursuing it? Wolves. Right next door, wolves were kept as pets.
This would have been a dream place for you. It worried me!
I look forward to "our" 2010 Ely, Minnesota vacation. Take pictures!