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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Conquering Fear

About a month ago I saw this tunnel in a pet supply store. I thought I'd give the cats a treat. It made a crinkly noise when I opened it. This scared Crash and she wanted no part of it.

She was afraid of it. Since I couldn't take it back, I had to do something to make it attractive to her. I just left it on the floor thinking she'd eventually investigate. She stayed as far away as possible. I then decided that since she likes her treats so much, I'd put them in the tunnel. She still ignored it. Then I decided to put some treats on the floor in front of the tunnel and then put the rest inside. This picqued her interest.

She actually put her head inside to eat. I kept putting more inside every day.

She finally went into the tunnel.
I don't think she really likes it, but she'll do anything for her treats.

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