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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Parade

Last night I went to a Halloween Party. This is becoming an annual event. The hostess, a friend of a friend of mine told me that it is a lifetime invitation. I can come any time.

The party celebrates the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. This friend has an apartment overlooking the route of the parade. There were fewer sponsors this year so the parade was shorter than usual. As usual, it starts with marchers carrying tall skeletons. There were several bands and marchers.

But the real show is the parade watchers. There we saw an assortment of butterflies, fairies and other winged characters. There was the usual Marilyn Monroe, along with many doctors and nurses.

The party was a success, not too many people, but very interesting people, even though we disagreed politically. Among the guests were an actress (not very well known), a lyricist who is trying to get a show produced. I tried to get some pictures, but it was too dark outside, everything was a blur.

Of course, we took the subway. The ride into the city was uneventful, but on the return trip, many streets were closed and we had to walk quite far. Then on the train, we saw many partygoers returning home. There was one man who was travelling along, and I thought it took guts to ride the subway dressed as a jester. Good for him.

I must add that the police did a wonderful job maintaining order during and after the parade and even though we had a long walk to the subway. Immediately after the last parader went buy, the sanitation department was out in full force cleaning the street. When they were through you would never have known there was a parade.

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