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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Home Improvement

Today I was watching one of those home improvement shows (always a danger for me) and I saw a bathroom with a doube sink. There was nothing on the counter except a plant, an orchid I believe, between the two sinks. It looked very nice.

Then I went into my bathroom and looked at my sink. I have all the necessities of life right out there on the counter. My make-up, creams, moisturizers, comb, brushes, etc. It looked so cluttered.

I decided to do something about it and put everything away. I've always left everything out as a convenience, after all, it's so much work to open a drawer and take out a brush or comb. The creams and moisturizer are left out to remind me to use them. I guess though if I forgot, my tight face and hands would remind me. When it was cleared off, it looked like this.

Then I decided to try putting a plant there. I tried several.

I can't decide which would look better. Any plant would thrive in the bathroom since I get a lot of light and the dampness and steam from my shower would keep it moist.
On the other hand, maybe a simple candle would look good there.
Or, I could just keep it empty and enjoy the novelty of it.

1 comment:

ga.farmwoman said...

Well now, your before picture looked neater than mine does right now.
It makes me want to get off this computer and go clean it
I like the bigger plant in yours.
Those home improvement shows give me a get and go too.
Have a great day.