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Friday, November 14, 2008

Making Do

I have a terrible habit of "making do" and it leads to much inconvenience.

About three weeks ago the lightbulbs in my garage both blew out. I bought one of those poles that attach to a light bulb to change them and changed one bulb. When I was working on the other, the whole fixture dropped from the ceiling. It was only about four inches from the ceiling and all the wires seemed to be attached, so I left it that way.

Unfortunately, I now had no light in the garage. For three weeks I either walked around in the dark or left the laundry room door open to give a little light, or I opened the garage door and used that light. Finally this week I decided to do something about it.

I called one electrician and left my number. I'm still waiting for his callback. The second electrician called back within two hours and came to the house three hours later. It took about five minutes to put the fixture back and tighten the other bulb. With a senior discount, the bill was $75.00. I then asked about the ground fault outlet for my refrigerator and he offered to give me a single outlet for the refrigerator. I was willing to wait a week or so for this to be done, but he offered to do it today for an additional $50.00. Of course I accepted.

Now I don't have to worry about losing any food if we have a power failure while I'm away and can't reset the switch.

All of this could have been cleared up if I didn't "make do". There is not always virtue in doing so. When will I ever learn.

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