Saturday, November 8, 2008


Today I went to a baby shower for my niece's son's wife. I guess that makes her my grandniece-in-law.

It was a fun day and it was great to see all my nieces and their grown daughters. It's so hard to realize that all those little girls I knew so long ago are now mothers with grown daughters. It looks like there will be many more such parties in the future.

Baby gifts have certainly changed. This new baby received many very nice gifts, among them Ralph Lauren outfits, Tommy Hilfiger shoes (whatever happened to Carter's) and something I had never seen before - a cloisonne egg for her first haircut. It was really very cute. Of course there were the usual dresses, blankets, bath sets, etc. I had fun last week shopping for a gift, I just kept putting things into my shopping cart - pajamas, blankets, books.

There were a few games, but one guessing game that I just realized they never told us the results. They passed around five jars of baby food and we were supposed to taste and identify the contents by smell. Some of us had a hard time identifying by smell, so we decided to taste. Even then we all couldn't agree on which was which. I think my one sister-in-law wanted to eat the whole jar. That one had to be fruit, the vegetables were never that good.

It was a fun day and it's always great when the family gets together. In spite of their idiosyncrasies, they are a great bunch of in-laws. We all agreed we should get together more, especially for happy times. The unspoken words were that we're all getting older.

Hmm, think I'll plan a Christmas party.

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