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Saturday, November 22, 2008


Yesterday I decided it was time for my annual knife sharpening. I gathered two of them, a 10" chef's knife and a 2" paring knife.

I went to one of my favorite stores, Sur La Table, in the mall. I just love, love, love that store, but I really wish they would pick up and deliver. I always feel strange going into a mall with a 10" knife in my pocketbook. I mentioned this to the woman in the store and she said that everyone feels that way and it's the ones who don't feel strange that we have to worry about. I was prepared to leave them and come back today, but business was slow so I could wait.

I decided to wander around the store (big mistake). While wandering, I remembered that my potholders were showing signs of age. No wonder, I don't remember when I bought them. I bought two oven mitts and one two handed mitt. Then I remembered that it's cookie baking time. The cookie press I'm now using is the one my mother used, so you can imagine how old it is. I picked one up. Then the baking pans started looking good so I decided I had waited long enough and picked up my knives and paid for everything.

Then I saw that Easy Spirit was having a sale. I find it very difficult to buy shoes, so when I find a sale I jump to it. They had several pairs in my size, but I only bought two pair, at a great price.

I picked up a few cosmetics and decided that I had better go home as I had spent enough money. I would have loved to spend more time there, the stores were all having sales and they are starting to decorate for Christmas but I really don't need any more stuff.

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