Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Walking in Seattle

Today my morning walk took me to the Seattle Public Library. It was a pleasant walk, since the weather was a little cooler today and my route was mostly flat, not too many hills. It's a very large library, and the children's section was bigger than the whole Woodhaven library. They have a nicely set up reading area.

On my return walk, it started to rain. The nice thing about the rain in Seattle is that it doesn't last long. If you're walking about a block in the rain, by the time you reach the corner, it has stopped.

I'm surprised at the drivers here. I don't think I could ever drive here. I'm so used to the dog-eat-dog driving style in the New York/New Jersey area. Here when the light turns yellow, it really means stop, not speed up before it turns red. Here when a car is turning into the street you're crossing, they actually stop and let you go ahead. Back home it's a race to cross the street before the car turns. I don't know if I could stand all this courtesy on the road.

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