Friday, July 4, 2008

TV or not TV

Years ago when I first stopped working to raise my family, I didn't believe in watching too much TV. I felt it was a waste of time. When my son was an infant, I had my hour or so of TV, but then I went back to the radio. I felt that radio gave me more freedom to move about the house. As he got older, I allowed him to watch 1 1/2 hours of Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street.

Somehow, since I retired, I've fallen into the habit of automatically turning on the TV, and complaining that there isn't much to watch and yet I don't turn it off. Of course, there's always cable news, reruns of my old favorites and the shopping channel. I sit so much, I'm in danger of developing what Eda LeShan, a psychologist, once described as "naugahide hair" which is a flattening of the hair on the back of the head as a result of leaning against the back of the chair while watching TV.

Last week I tried an experiment and turned on the radio instead of the TV. It's amazing what can be accomplished when you're not glued to the couch. I actually did some housework. This week, I'm going for silence. It's wonderful, there's nothing like it. I've done a few projects and finished two books.

Maybe next week I'll leave the house.

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ms/sss said...

You live the most interesting life! Here's an idea. Put some music on, while you're cleaning house. Place cloths beneath your feet, and dust and polish your way through the kitchen, bathroom, and rooms without carpeting. Wash the floors that way, too. Put a rag around the handle of a broom, and dust those high places. All the while, DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! Now, the money that you save from not going to the gym can be used on your next vacation!