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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hostage Rescue

A few days ago I saw an article on which was written tongue-in-cheek (or at least I hope it was).

The author, Greg Gutfeld, talks about the hostages who were recently rescued in Colombia. He says that CNN's Web site points out that Columbian intelligence duped these guerrillas by having the rescuers wear Red Cross emblems during their mission. And, CNN reports that doing so is a war crime under the Geneva Convention - a violation that could risk Red Cross workers in the future.

The author agrees, he says, "Sure, kidnapping and then brutally abusing innocent people over the course of many years isn't right. But so is lying."

He says, seriously, how do you think the kidnappers felt when they found out those folks weren't the Red Cross and that they only wanted to steal their hostages. Even worse, some rescuers wore Che Guevara shirts, perhaps to fool these kidnappers into accepting them as compadres or at least record store clerks. The amount of damage inflicted on their self esteem, caused by this trickery, is too hard to imagine.

The auther believed that the U.S. has only one response: Return the hostages to their rightful owner. He's asking President Bush to gather them up, get them on a plane and send them back to the jungle.

I can't believe that CNN thinks a rescue is a war crime just because of a little trickery.

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