Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bad News/Good News

Today was a day chock full of bad news. The first thing I heard today was that Tony Snow had died of cancer early this morning. Fox News spent the day airing tributes to him. From everything I heard, he was well respected and accomplished. I felt that since he was a conservative and a fixture at Fox News, that all the tributes were pretty much one-sided so I decided to go online at MSNBC. They did the obligatory obituary, but then I read some of the comments. They were awful. I just hope none of the Snow family read them.

Then I saw that Dr. DeBakey also died this morning. He was 99. Too bad he couldn't make it to 100. His inventions and surgical skills are the reason so many people are alive today. His advancements in cardiac surgery have enabled many people to survive their heart disease.

Then, this afternoon I heard that Bobby Murcer of my Yankees also died today of cancer. He had a long career with the Yankee organization first as a player and then as a broadcaster. I'm sure there will be many tributes to him on Tuesday at the All Star Game at Yankee Stadium and then later at the Oldtimers Game which will be the last at Yankee Stadium.

Although things usually happen in threes, there is a difference today. Rocky Aoki also died today. He started the Benihana restaurant chain.

After such a day of depressing news, I needed a lift. Fortunately AS TIME GOES BY was on. Today Lionel and Jean got married. It was a fun show, starting with Lionel's being very nervous about the wedding and Jean being calm. Then the trouble happened. Jean's sister-in-law came in and insisted that Jean was a wreck, and with the power of suggestion Jean suddenly became very nervous and got the hiccups while Lionel realized that this was the day he had dreamed of for 38 years. Of course Lionel's father Rocky and his wife Madge got lost while they were riding their bicycles to the wedding. Eventually, everything worked out in true TV land fashion.

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