Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One Life to Live

For the last two days, One Life to Live has had special programming for its 40th anniversary. They revisited three of the past story lines, but updated them.

They had two characters go back in time to 1968. This time they were father and son, not the friends in the 2008 story line. It was great fun watching the younger man look for a remote to turn the TV on, and then waiting for it to warm up. There were some other light moments there too.

In another story, Vicki the main character dies again and goes to heaven again. This time instead of a spaceship, she goes on an elevator and meets some of her family that has died. It was good to see those actors again. Of course, they didn't kill Vicki and she recovers in true soap opera fashion.

The third story had two characters go over some falls. That of course was the cliffhanger for today. I don't know how they'll incorporate it into their regular programming.

It was a wonderful way to celebrate the anniversary. It was a way for newcomers to learn some of the history of the show and for us oldtimers, it brought back some nice memories.

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bigoltlfan said...

Hi, I just wanted to say that it was a real treat watching the specials the past two days. Happy Birthday OLTL! BTW, I really enjoy your blog :)