Monday, July 21, 2008


The other day I was watching something on TV that explained how to protect your furniture from your cats. Since my cats still have their claws, I found it interesting. The first thing you should do is spray the area with a cat repellent. They find the odor repulsive.

I don't think Burnie found it that way.
He seemed to think it was an interesting smell.

Then, you should spray the scratching post with catnip, which as I understand it is a drug and which the cats really like. The premise is that they will avoid the furniture and stretch themselves and scratch where the catnip is.
As I mentioned, catnip is a drug. After Burnie got finished sniffing his scratching post, he got the munchies.
It took a while for Crash to notice the scratching post. This is about as close as she has ever been to it.
Let's hope they dislike the odor of the furniture and really, really like the scratching post.

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ms/sss said...

This was really cute! If only there was something like this for us humans. You know, a spray for the refrigerator,to keep us from wanting to snack too much, and one for the treadmill, to keep us wanting to exercise more.
Oh, well. Let me go back and look at my treadmill again. I think it's time for a dusting, before my grandbaby comes over again and sets her dolls up on it.