Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Navigation System

My new car has all kinds of gadgets that I've never used before. One of them is a built-in navigation system.

The first time I tried it I was going to Parksville, NY and typed the address into the system. I could only get as far as Pa when it automatically showed directions to Passaic, NJ. After several tries I gave up.

A week or so later I tried again. This time I picked a location nearby and just to be safe I had gotten directions from Microsoft Streets. I selected a female voice and started listening to the directions. To begin, she gave me a very roundabout way out of my community and since I didn't pay any attention, she kept telling me to go 500 feet and make a legal U-turn, then turn right. She said this for the entire ride and I kept ignoring her.

Several days later I tried again. This time my starting point was on Long Island and I was going to another town on the island with a friend. The navigation system told me to go a certain way, but my friend said she had a more direct route. Again I ignored my navigation system.

I think she got angry with me because she stopped speaking for he rest of the trip and I haven't heard from her again on any of my other trips. Maybe I'll make peace and try for directions one more time.

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ms/sss said...

You remind me of my husband. Usually, when I download directions from the computer, he always knows a better way. Why do I bother with getting the directions? Maybe next time he does that to me, I'll just stop talking to him. He'll think he died and went to heaven!