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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

City vs. Suburbs

The other day when my friend and I were driving to our luncheon we got to talking about the pros and cons of suburbia.

Since we grew up on the Brooklyn/Queens border and stayed in the area until recently, we mentioned how much we missed the convenience. Everything was close by, we could walk everywhere. She missed City Line (Liberty Ave.) and I missed Jamaica Ave. There was such an assortment of stores. We had ladies wear shops, hardware stores, fruit and vegetable stores and the occasional diner. She mentioned that she had recently been in Forest Hills, along Metropolitan Ave. and saw that that avenue is now the way City Line and Jamaica Ave. were.

I realized then what is missing from Jackson - a main street or town center. This town is just an assortment of communities, but no town center or hub around which the community develops and thrives.

She then decided that I should move to Forest Hills Gardens which is like a small town right in the middle of the city. It does make me think, but based on the reputation of Forest Hills and the Gardens area, I don't think I could afford it now. But it does give one food for thought.

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