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Monday, March 31, 2008

Weird News

It's time for some more weird news.

There's a seagull in Minnesota who tapps on the front door of the lobby of a Super 8 Motel until staffers give him a doughnut. The bird, Steven Seagull, has for years shown up at the Duluth motel to do his tap routine and chase other gulls away so he can get his daily doughnut.

That reminds me of Knute, the polar bear in Germany. When he was born, his mother refused to take care of him so the employees of the zoo raised him. He's no longer the cute little cub, he's now a full sized polar bear who makes all sorts of sounds unless there's a crowd of people watching him. He wants the limelight and gets upset when it isn't there.

Members of India's Olympic shooting team are threatening to boycott the Beiing Games. They want their government to end a shortage of ammo for training. The government recently stopped providing the National Rifle Association of India with bullets. This team was the best hope for a medal for India.

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