Friday, March 14, 2008


Isn't this the picture of an innocent cat?

I don't think so. I try to decorate for the various seasons and holidays. This year I put a bowl of plastic eggs and little furry chicks on the dining room table, along with some chicks on a plate of candles. There are also some vases of flowers.

Today, Burnie was bored. He decided to play with the chicks and eggs. He only did this when I was busy typing some information for our Singles Group. Everytime I caught him, I sprayed him with water and he went running. Then he waited until I went back to the computer and he jumped onto the table and took an egg and chick and knocked them onto the floor. This went on for quite a while, he attacked the egg and chick and I sprayed him. He ran and waited until I started typing again.

Earlier this week I heard a crash and saw Burnie rolling around in the dirt from a plant he knocked down. That time, I turned the hand vacuum on near him and he ran. Of course, every chance he got, he went back to the dirt I was trying to pick up with the vacuum.
This is the plant he knocked over.

I don't know what prompted this week's mischief, he has plenty of toys which he keeps in a box in the bedroom. I guess he likes my toys better.

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