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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Depression Babies, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, etc. I've always wondered where I fit in this naming of generations.

Today I found out. Through an Op-Ed in today's WALL STREET JOURNAL I learned that I'm a member of the No-Name Generation. Of course, this editorial wasn't about me, but about John McCain which was another eye-opener for me. I always felt that he was so old, but now I realize that he is not that much older than I.

This editorial went on to extoll the virtues of the No-Name Generation. We have seen rationing, V-J Day, the Korean invation, the day the French left Dien Bien Phu and later our involvement in Viet Nam, the Cold War. I remember that during WWII because my father was an Air Raid Warden he was often out evenings. I also remember huddling under my desk and covering myself with my coat for air raid drills. We survived and I think we're stronger because of everything we've seen. We were old enough to realize what it meant when our President was assassinated.

We saw a lot of bad things, but we've also witnessed lots more good. There's TV, Cinamascope, Color TV, real spaceships, TV Dinners. We saw men walk on the moon, and we witnessed a telephone call from our President Nixon to Neil Armstrong.

It's good to finally know where I belong, but I really wish we had a better name than the No-Name Generation. It sounds so impersonal.

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