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Friday, March 21, 2008

Cats & Chicks,

The sags of the cats vs. the chicks continues. The cats can be good for just so long, then they decide it's time to play with the eggs and wooly chicks.

The other day I had a thought. I decided to put some Peeps in the bowl with the eggs. The idea was that the cats would get stuck to some of the marshmallow and then leave everything alone. It didn't work too well. It's true they don't like the smell and texture of the Peeps, but Crash is very agile and can quietly move the Peeps to get to the chick. She keeps going after them, but when I tell her to drop it, she does, to my surprise and shock.

Tonight while I was playing a rousing game of Letter Linker I heard her crying. When I found her she just dropped a chick in front of me. She's not a very good sneak, first she lets me know she's doing something, then she drops the evidence in front of me.

I bought them some toys yesterday and I spiked them with catnip, but they would rather go after my chicks. It's a good thing they haven't discovered the three over by the candles. Oh well, only three more days and I will have won and I'll put them away until next year.

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