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Sunday, March 23, 2008

I Won!

Happy Easter all.

Since today is Easter, I decided to give the cats an Easter present. When I was a child, I always ate some of the candy in my Easter Basket, so I gave the Crash and Burn each a chick from the bowl.

After all the struggles I had with Burnie last week, today he wanted nothing to do with the chick. I put it on the ottoman in front of him and he knocked it to the floor, then went to sleep. Crash, on the other hand was very happy to finally get a chick to play with. She hugged it, licked it and batted it around the floor. Then she picked it up in her mouth and played some more.
As the day wore on, she brought it to me as a present.
Even though I gave the cats the chicks today, I still feel that I won. I kept the arrangement on the table. I think I'll leave the eggs and Peeps there for a few days more.

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