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Sunday, March 9, 2008


I never knew doing laundry could be good and satisfying. Ever since I moved into this house, my dryer didn't dry the clothes. It would sometimes take up to three hours for a small load.

I called the builder who said right away that it was the manufacturer's fault. I called the manufacturer who said it was the builder's fault. I could see that this would be a case of each blaming the other, so I decided to live with it and make do.

At one point the dryer vent hose fell off the back of the dryer and suddenly my clothes were drying. I kept it that way for a while and then decided to try a different vent hose. Again I was left with wet clothes.

My niece suggested that the hose might be blocked and suggested I have it cleaned. I called a duct cleaner and he discovered that while the duct had been connected to the outside, there had never been a cut made in the roof for the vent.

The builder came back last week and cut the hole, the dryer now vents outside and I have dry clothes in only a half hour. It's wonderful.

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ms/sss said...

You and I might both need to "get a life", but I have had similar laundry thrills lately.
I have new machines. They're tall, because they're on stands. They load from the front. They are silent. They spin to almost a dry. They make me feel like royalty.
Now, if I could only do a Tom Sawyer/ Huckleberry Finn, and convince my husband to help with the laundry, because it's so much fun!