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Wednesday, April 4, 2007


The NEW YORK POST provides a number of stories for this category. Here are more.

Don't mess with mom. A Danish teen learned the the hard way that he should listen to Mom when she used a policeman's ax to smash open the windows of a car that he refused to leave. He had locked himself in his mom's car when she went shopping and then wouldn't get out, even after a cop arrived on the scene. So she borrowed the cop's ax and smashed open a window.

A farmer in Scotland has dyed his sheep red to entertain mororists caught in traffic jams along a country highway. The sheep are causing quite a stir. The farmer used a sheep spray that was animal friendly and would not do the sheep any harm. Motorists will be seeing red until the sheep are shorn.

A rare Black Australian swan has fallen madly in love with a plastic paddle boat carved in the form of a swan at a lake in northwestern Germany. According to biologists in Muenster, the swan has been circling the boat staring endlessly at it and making crooning noises. The zoo director said the swan believes it has found a partner for life.

Panama's top coffee producer brewed 750 gallons in a giant mug in an attempt to make the world's biggest cup of coffee. They used 300 pounds of coffee to brew the cup which measured 3 yds. by 1.6 yds. The company will submit its four-hour attempt to Guinness World Records this month.

These two FedEx workers could have used that coffee. They took a nap on a cargo plan in Paris and woke up in Vienna. The men were working early Friday in Paris and apparently fell asleep while waiting for a freight delivery that didn't arrive. Then the doors closed and the plane took off for Austria. The two workers, presumably very refreshed, returned home later in the day aboard an Air France flight.

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