Thursday, April 12, 2007


Last year at this time I was in the middle of my cross-country trip. I had always dreamedof driving across the country and because I'm retired I did it. I was right, it was a wonderful vacation.

I saw and stayed in so many different states. It was so exciting to see the St. Louis Arch or the Rockies way off in the distance. It was educational too. I had always heard that Kansas is flat, but what I didn't realize is that it is really rolling.

I was able to spend a few days renewing a friendship in Las Vegas. It's so great that friends can get together after many years apart and yet it seems like only yesterday that we last saw each other.

I also went to the Space Needle while I was in Seattle. That was no small achievement for someone who dislikes elevators and heights, but I did it.

On my return drive, I stopped at Yellowstone and saw "Old Faithful", fulfilling another dream. My only disappointment in Yellowstone - I didn't see any bears or wolves, probably because it was still rather early in the season.

The day I was supposed to leave South Dakota and Mt. Rushmore, it snowed. I spent another day in South Dakota.

I've been thinking a lot about that trip lately, probably because of the strange weather all over the country. If I had planned such a trip this year, I probably would have cancelled, too many storms and tornadoes.

That trip was a dream come true. Would I do it again? In a second. My only hesitation would be leaving my cats for a month and I couldn't take them. They are terrible travelers. I once drove for three hours with them and it was stereo meowing. Never again.

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Anonymous said...

When I think of stamina and strength, I think of you, because that's what it takes to do what you did, traveling cross country and back. Wow!