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Friday, April 27, 2007


Today is Friday and that means it's time to report on my virtual portfolio.

This has been a very exciting week on Wall Street, the Dow hit 13,000 and hadrecord closings for the last three days. Earnings have been strong and unemployment is still low, but there has been some unfavorable news. The housing market is still in the doldrums and there are fears of inflation.

Week #8 was not as good as I had expected. My goal was very ambitious. I had hoped to finish in the top 10% with a total portfolio value of $1,125,435.77. Actually, I finished in the top 12% with a total value of $1,114,314.62. While these numbers are not too shabby, I would have liked to have done better. On the plus side, if I were playing with the celebrities, I would be in 3rd place.

For the next week, I'll have to be more selective in my sales and purchases. Maybe I should hold longer. Of course, since the market has been doing so well the past few weeks, there may be some profit taking and some down days. I'll have to be ready to buy when some prices come down.

My goal for next week is still to finish in the top 10%, but I think I'll increase my total value to $1,128,368.50. Let's see how well I do.

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