Saturday, April 28, 2007


I recently had some landscaping done on my property and it put me in the mood to put some more plants around the house.

I went to a local garden center today, just to look. Then I saw they had their herbs out, so, of course, I had to buy some. I grew a few in my kitchen this past year and it was great to have fresh basil or parsley on hand. I would just cut a few sprigs and chop them into a salad or a sauce. I felt just like a real chef.

Encouraged by this success, I bought three more basil plants, another parsley, some sage and oregano. Right now, since the evenings are still too cool to put the plants outside, they are sitting three deep in front of my windows.

Oh, I also saw some annuals that I thought would look good on my patio. As a plus, they are supposed to attract butterflies. That would be nice since this is a new community and the trees aren't too tall, so there are not many birds or butterflies or squirrels. I can't believe that I actually miss squirrels.

I'm thinking of turning my guest room into a home for my plants, I already have several house plants and African violets. My spider plant has many "babies" that should be put into another pot, but I have to find a high place for them since my cat Burnie likes to eat the spider plant, which then makes him sick.

All these plants are becoming an obsession.

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