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Monday, April 16, 2007


We survived the weekend nor'easter. We had a lot of rain and this morning there was even some snow. Fortunately it didn't stick.

This storm reminded me of Friday in December 1992. I had taken the day off to go Christmas shopping, but my friends at work filled me in on the events. Downtown Manhattan was flooded. The water from the East River covered three blocks, leaving some dead fish when it receded. The water was knee deep, and of course, there was no electricity so my friends walked down 14 flights. Most of the subways were also flooded.

There was so much water that most businesses stayed closed the following Monday. Monday was the day I originally wanted off, but as a favor to my boss, I changed my plans and stayed home on Friday. It worked out very well for me, I got the day I wanted and didn't lose any vacation time.

It pays to cooperate and compromise at times.

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