Thursday, April 19, 2007

Two Americas

I have an appointment next week to have my hair done. I need to have my roots colored, my hair trimmed and blown dry. All this will cost me about $40.00. John Edwards whose hair is much shorter than mine pays $400.00 to have his done. He has also had his skin smoothed for $225.00.

John Edwards lives in a 28,000 square foot home on 102 wooded acres. My home is 2600 square feet on a lot about 30 feet by 80 feet.

Most people in North Carolina probably couldn't afford to have their hair done for $400.00, nor could they live in a 28,000 square foot home.

This "champion" of the poor should try to live more modestly. Unless you have a huge family, you don't need a 28,000 square foot home. The amount of money John Edwards spends on his hair in one year could feed a family in his own state for a year.

If he really feels for the poor, John Edwards should truly support them. Get his hair done at the local barber shop, let his skin go for a while, and maybe move to a smaller home.

He's right, there are two Americas. The America of the people and the America of John Edwards.

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