Sunday, April 8, 2007


I've just come home from a wonderful Easter Dinner at a friend's house. She had a full house. Her daughter, her husband and her 11/2 year old little girl were also there.

She's a very good baby, but over the years I've forgotten just how busy babies can be. She was all over the house, and of course, her parents took turns eating and following her. I've forgotten how fussy children can be. After you put the plate together and cut everything into bite size pieces, they decide not to eat and they're off and running. Then, of course, they get tired and you have to put pajamas on a wriggling child who doesn't want them on even though she's tired.

I'm not complaining about babies, I loved those days. They were the good old days. There had to be a reason why few women had children after 40. They certainly are active. I got tired just watching her and her parents run around the house.

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