Friday, January 22, 2010


This morning I got up very early and went to check my e-mail and read the blogs. Then I realized that I was tired. Not sleepy tired, tired of the way my office looked. I've reached the point with this office that I close the door whenever people are expected. I'm embarrassed to have anyone see it.

Right after breakfast I decided to devote an hour to cleaning and filing. But, before that I had to check my mail again, then see what's new on Facebook and add some comments. Then, of course, I had to see what was going on in Woodhaven (my old home) and send a comment on that. Well, that took 45 minutes. I didn't have much time to clean.

I decided to forget any other plans I may have had for today. I tackled my desk first, filed some papers, put newspapers on the recycling pile. Then I saw the folder of assorted cards. They were going into a drawer (properly labeled of course). If the cards were loose in the drawer, they might get separated from their envelopes. Off to the kitchen to get my freezer bags. I labeled each bag for the type of card, separated the cards and put them away.

On another note, I just love my labelmaker. My son gave it to me several years ago and I use it constantly. It's great, I just type whatever I want and print it out. I never use the labels that come with file folders, they're too much trouble. I hope they never stop making the size of tape that Iuse.

My desk is now relatively clear. Now I'll be able to scan more pictures. I keep finding more pictures that need to be scanned.

I'm not anywhere near having a clean office, but it is better. Once I get the floor cleared off, I can start working on the closet where I have great plans. I want to put shelves in there and store my supplies, games, etc.

This is an ongoing project. But, I do believe I put a big dent in it. All I need is a few more days like today and it will definitely be "company ready".

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