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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blood Donation

Last week I received a call from a local politiian's office asking me to donate blood. Today I took a ride to our municipal offices and gave that blood. It's rather easy, but the procedure certainly has changed over the years.

When I was working, all we had to do was show ID and answer a few questions. Today I had to read about four pages of information, restrictions and the importance of diversity in blood donations. After I finished reading, I was sent to another station.

There I had to show my ID, repeat my name and address and read more information sheets. Then came the hardest part - the finger test. On the first try my count was only 11.something. The minimum count accepted was 12.something. I was given the option of trying again in another finger and miraculously my count became 13.something. After taking my pulse and blood pressure, which was very good considering my age and weight I was left alone at the computer to answer several questions. I gave all the right answers, signed my test and went to the next station to give my blood.

Here I again had to verify my name, first and last. Usually the technician has a very hard time finding my vein, but this woman was good. She found it right away. I don't think I'll have a bruise.

Then, of course, it was time for the best part - the cookies. While I was eating cookies and drinking water I overheard some potential donors.

It seems that the township employees could give blood only if they did it on their lunch hour. That is terrible. Since the need for blood is so great, employers should make it easier for their employees to donate. When I was working, we gave during working hours with no restrictions on the time we were away from the office.

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