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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Baking and Self Control

It all started at Christmas with the three batches of cookies that I baked. What's unusual about that is, I usually bake six batches and only three would make it to Christmas. I was so proud of myself for not taking two or three each time I passed the box of cookies.

Then there was the cake I made for our Christmas dinner. Again, I rationed myself and only ate a small amount.

It was the same with the brownies. They even got a little stale before I finished them.

Armed with my new found self-control, Sunday I baked a Country Apple Cake from a cookbook by Linda Collister, Muffins and Other Morning Bakes . It was delicious and it took me three days to finish it. That's only because, the recipe said it would keep for three days and I couldn't let it get stale.

Today, I'm still in my baking mood. I had some bananas that were looking very unappetizing so I found a recipe for Banana Pecan Bread. It is delicious.

This baking I'm doing can't be all bad. After all, I'm using fruit. Which reminds me of a woman I knew when I went to Weight Watchers many, many years ago. She came to a meeting and proudly told us she had had blueberries several times that week. After we congratulated her, she admitted that they were attached to muffins.

I just hope I can keep this self-control. I'd hate to find the five pounds that I lost before Christmas. Now, I wonder what I can do with the oranges and tangerines in the refrigerator.

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