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Monday, January 4, 2010

Ho, Ho, Ha, Ha, Ha

Tonight I went to a demonstration of Laughter Therapy. I was "interesting". We did a series of exercises to loosen us up.

It started with rhythmic clapping while saying "ho, ho, ha, ha,ha" That wasn't too bad, at least until we had to clap in rhythm while walking. I can't walk and clap at the same time. I'm not very coordinated. Then we practiced breathing where we bent down, inhaled while getting up, raising our hands above our heads and exhaling. I'm pleased and proud to say that while bending, I was able to touch the floor with my fingertips. I still have some flexibility. Yay!

The next step was to laugh while greeting others in the group. This was followed by pretend scolding while laughing; then apology while laughing.

It was quite an adventure. Can you just picture about 80 women standing in a circle and laughing or clapping. I'd say it was a once in a lifetime adventure. Once is enough.


Mental P Mama said...

Does it count if I almost laughed at the mental picture of this?

HMK said...


I did a similar exercise about 15 years ago.
This was also weird feeling!