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Saturday, January 23, 2010


Today has been spent in the office again. First, I had to check on my stock. That was a BIG mistake. It's been a very bad week on Wall Street. Then I checked my TO BE DONE list for the past week and plan the next week. Not surprisingly, I didn't accomplish all I wanted last week. Maybe this week will be better.

Then it was back to organizing/cleaning the office. Unfortunately, this room doesn't get cleaned that often. It's not dirty, just cluttered and FULL OF CAT HAIR. I swear I could make three other cats from all the fur flying around here. Everything I touch is full of hair.

After I swept the floor, again, it was time to tackle the bookcases. I have three - two with five shelves and one with only three shelves. That certainly seems like enough. Not for me though. I have books behind books, most of which I have read and could be given away, but the others are "keepers". It's time to purge these books. Right now I have put about seven aside for our library, I also found one that I've had for ages, but have not read. That had to go to a bookcase in my bedroom. See, I'm really trying to get organized. "To Be Read" goes in my bedroom, "Read" go in the office or a bookcase shared with my cookbooks. Honestly, sometimes I think my collecting books is a sickness. I'm addicted to books.

The only thing that makes this job relatively pleasant is music. Yes, I'm listening to my i-tunes, again a LARGE and eclectic collection from classical to rock. There I was blissfully listening to my music when the peace was shattered by Burnie's knocking one of my African violets to the floor, and the resulting sickness after he eats the plant.

When will this cat ever learn. It's a vicious cycle - he eats the plant, he gets in trouble, he regurgitates the plant. Even rats learn not to eat something after it makes them sick.

After I finished cleaning the floor, I realized that at 2:30 PM, I had forgotten to eat lunch and I wasn't even hungry. That hasn't happened in a very, very long time. So much for work. The mood has been broken.

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Wellington Grey (time management coach) said...

If you want any help in the future setting up your home office, just let me know. (Though the cat hair is still your problem : )