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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Travel Plans

Tonight I took time away from my Christmas projects to go to a meeting of our Travel Club. There were presentations on three trips planned for this year - Branson, MO, Italian Lakes and Eastern Mediterrean Cruise and a cruise on the Yangtze River.

I plan on taking the Italian Lakes and Eastern Mediterrean Cruise. We leave on my birthday, so I think that will be a wonderful birthday present. It sounds great. I've never been to Italy or Greece, in fact this will be only my second trip across the "pond". We will fly to Milan, visit Lake Como then travel to Venice where we will meet our ship.

I'm looking forward to taking this trip, with my usual trepidation about flying and the visit to the island of Santorini. The town center is accessible by donkey or cable car. Whichever will I take? I guess I'd better start my diet now so I don't hurt the donkey in case I chicken out on the cable car.

Well, now it's back to reality. Have to do supper dishes and pack the cookies I baked today.


ms/sss said...

It's Saturday, and with the blizzards heading toward your part of the country, I hope that you did not pack all of those cookies. I would go for the cable car. I just don't like depending upon the donkey. What if he doesn't like me?

Anonymous said...

The cable was really safe unlike the donkey! We were down in one minute & saw great views of the sea and island.
I wouldn't even walk down past the dung! And what if the donkey slipped?