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Monday, December 14, 2009

City Fix II

Today I met a friend and we had another City Fix. We met at 10:30 AM and except for lunch we walked and stood until 4:30 PM when we each got our bus. I can't remember when my feet, legs and back hurt so much.

We wandered through some stores and I treated myself to another bottle of Chanel #5, along with the gel and body lotion. Then we made our annual visit to St. Patrick's Cathedral. It is such a beautiful church and it was quite crowded. They weren't all tourists either which is a good sign. When I was in my early 20's my best friend said she always wanted to be married in Our Lady's Chapel at St. Pat's. Last year we saw it and I can understand why Mary Ellen wanted to be married there. She wasn't though.

Before we went to lunch, we stopped at the tree in Rockefeller Center. It's a really beautiful tree, but the daylight doesn't do it justice. Then we went to lunch where we decided to treat ourselves to a glass of Prosecco, a sparkling wine. It was quite good, I'll have to buy a bottle for a special treat.

Then we walked from 50th St. to 34th St., stopping in Barnes & Noble (of course). Neither of us can resist a book store. I controlled myself because I was already carrying Patricia Cornwell's book, Scarpetta which is about 500 pages. But I did see some interesting books to put on my "To Be Read" list.

We wandered around Macy*s for a bit. That is one beautiful store and so large. I think it would take at least a full day to see everything there. Again I resisted buying anything, particularly the pots they had on sale.

Then it was off to the bus terminal, she to her bus and I to mine. I may be sore and tired, but it was worth every minute and sore muscles.

Maybe we'll go back during Restaurant Week which I think will be in February. I should be recovered by then.

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