Friday, December 25, 2009

Modern Communications

I think I'm entering the 21st Century. This week my son showed me how to set up a Twitter account. After I chose my name (@calicocrash), it was time to choose who I would like to follow.

He expected that I would choose Fox News, Martha Stewart and Bob Vila. He did not expect me to choose Nathan Fillion. He was shocked and asked why I picked him. Little did I know that he has a cult following from TV (Firefly) and movies (Serenity). I didn't know he had done SciFi, I know him from his early career on my favorite (and only) soap One Life to Live and most recently as Castle. This one of my favorite series.

In addition to all the blogs that I follow, I can now get up to the minute news and other information. And I can tweet my friends.

Now I can be found on Facebook, Twitter and my blog. I just love my computer. Now what new venture can I try next.

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Pamela said...

I enjoy Castle, too. Pretty fun chemistry between the two lead characters.