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Monday, October 6, 2008

Skin Care

For years I've referred to my make-up bag as my lab. Of course I never say that in the vicinity of an airport for obvious reasons. I think that now it truly is my lab.

Yesterday I went to buy some mascara. While there, the saleslady suggested a moisturizer. Since I do have very dry skin, I agreed. She showed me a collection of various creams which, of course, I decided to buy. Last night while getting ready for bed, I decided to try my new collection. First I washed my face with a moisture rich foaming cleanser. This was followed up with an eye cream for those lines around my eyes. Then a night cream with collagen. In the morning, the same routine except now I use a moisturizer with sun block. All of this before I even put on my make-up.

I know that even though they claim to make you look younger, I'll never look as young as I feel (about 35 to 40). I don't buy into all the claims and fear of aging, but I must admit that I do cringe sometimes when I see a new wrinkle forming.

I'm not a kid anymore, after all my best friends are all turning 70 soon, but none of us looks it. And there is no reason why we should, even though it takes more and more time and products to achieve the natural look.

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