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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Skin Care, Part II

As I said the other day I have very dry skin. There were times when I was younger when the inside of my clothes looked like I had dandruff of the skin. I was a real flake.

So, I'm always looking for ways to help my skin. Some winters it gets so bad it actually splits. Not too long ago I saw an article that suggested that you add half a package of dry milk to the bath water and soak. It sounded like a good idea so I tried it.

I have a spa tub and had the jets on when I poured the powdered milk into the water. It just kept bubbling and bubbling up. Soon Crash and Burnie came to keep me company and were just fascinated by all the bubbles, and they smelled good too. They were walking all around the edge of the tub checking out the bubbles and making me very nervous. It was a refreshing bath and we all survived.

Now I just keep an idustrial size bottle of lotion on hand. After my shower, in addition to all the face creams, I apply lotion to my legs and arms. Then I have to apply the special cream for the cracked skin on my shins and elbows. Then before I can put on my socks, I have to apply my foot cream otherwise my rough heels can tear my socks.

With all this skin regimen it's a wonder I have any time left in my day before I have to start in on the nighttime regimen. Now I know why I'm so tired, it's so much work.

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