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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Fall is here. I know, it officially arrived a couple of weeks ago, but these past few mornings have been chilly, and I love it.

Fall is in a three way tie for my favorite season. Everything has a crispness about it. I love to watch as the leaves become almost jewel like in their colors. The reds are like rubies, the yellows like topaz.

Along with the changing leaves, I love changing clothes. There is nothing more comfortable than snuggling up in a great turtle or cowl neck sweater and a soft pair of jeans and shoes. No more tired t-shirts and shorts and sandals. Some of my favorite clothes for hanging around the house or cleaning are sweatshirts and one favorite sweater. I have had this sweater for at least 10 years. It's loose and so comfortable that I wear it at least once a week. I'm sure it's not as warm as it used to be because of its age, and I never wear it out of the house. But I love it and dread the day when I have to get rid of it.

A few years ago I went back to the store where I bought it hoping they might have more of this style, but, alas no luck. I keep hoping that old saying, "Everything old is new again" will prove true and the store will start carrying it again soon. After all, haven't I seen some styles from the 70's and 80's back in the stores?

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