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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Burnie's Side

Burnie here. Mom is busy watching something on the TV called a debate. It doesn't look like too much to me, just two people talking. There are no animals like birds or dogs or fish. Boring.

Anyway, I'm here to set the record straight. Yesterday Mom said that I was stressful just because I like to climb ladders. What else are they for? She has forgotten all the good things I do for her. She doesn't mention how I wake her up nice and early every morning by tapping her face, or combing her hair with my paw. She forgets how I take her to my breakfast every morning by leading the way by nudging her leg forward. Or, how about the times I alert her to a sound outside that she doesn't hear? Let's not forget the times I sleep close to her legs so she doesn't fall out of bed.

Really I'm very relaxing to be around. Sometimes I'm so relaxing that I make myself fall asleep. Speaking of sleep, it's time for my next nap.

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