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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Saving Money

Earlier this week a friend told me that our local supermarket was having a sale on blueberries - 99 cents/pint with a limit of two pints. She had bought some in the morning and was going back in the afternoon and a couple of times each day during the week. She can actually go into the store and buy two pints of berries and leave.

Even though I had done my food shopping last week and really didn't need anything I went to buy my "bargain" blueberries. About $100 later I had my blueberries and just a few other things. I did find that I could save $1.00 for a case of water and the strawberries looked good. I just went merrily among the aisles picking up this and that.

Today I was checking a recipe I wanted to try and discovered that it called for white balsamic vinegar and I only have red. So I went to the store for the vinegar, while I was there I decided to get more blueberries and strawberries, and of course save $1.00 on the water. I got the vinegar, tried the recipe (nectarine and spinach salad) and it was very good.

So far, my bargain blueberries have cost me about $150.00, but my shelves are well stocked, my freezer is full and I have enough water to last through the summer. But I saved about $10.00. Isn't it amazing how much we spend to save a few dollars.

The blueberries are delicious.

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Erica said...

This always happens to me! I'm trying to become more conscious about it, though.

Last week, 12-packs of soda were buy 2, get 3 free. I *almost* did it, but then I thought, "Do I actually need 5 cases of soda?" It's so hard to pass up a "deal" though...