Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Tonight started out like any other night. I looked forward to relaxing with a phone call to an old friend. We chatted for a while.

Then it started to rain, not just rain, but a downpour. It seemed to be coming straight down. Suddenly the cats ran to the front of the house and I heard what seemed like water running. The first thing I checked was the water heater, since I've had several of them fail over the years and it's quite a mess. The heater was fine, then I discovered the cats looking into the guest bathroom. Water was pouring from the exhaust fan and into the toilet.

The first thing I did was turn off the fan, then tried to get into the attic to check the heater. I could only get the ladder down halfway, I'm too short to pull the steps down. I called the company that services the heater and told them my problem. He said it was probably a roofing problem, but offered to come out and look at it, for a fee.

He was here and saw no problem with the heater, that was dry. He did say that the water probably came through the vent pipe on the roof, and I probably won't have a problem like that again. Tomorrow, when it's light I'll go outside and see if I can see any damage from the storm.

Maybe now I can relax and we won't have any more rain tonight.

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ms/sss said...

I am glad that help arrived, but I could not place my trust in that last remark about the leak probably not happening again. If it happened once, what seals it off from happening again?
Apartment living would have some benefits!