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Sunday, June 22, 2008


About a month ago I wrote about this book I found, THE PERFECT RECIPE FOR LOSING WEIGHT AND EATING GREAT by Pam Anderson.

I haven't lost any weight and it's not the fault of the book. I have been cooking and eating some of the best food. There is a recipe for a smoked salmon and trimmings salad, so good I've had it at least three times. Then there are the various sauces for pan seared chicken. I've made a red wine pan sauce with garlic olives and oregano, and an orange dijon sauce. They were all so good, they're definitely on the list to be made over and over.

I've found that if the meal is appetizing and different, there is no need of between meal snacking on cookies or cake, no matter how good and sweet they are. My problem, it seems, is portion control.

I've got a vacation coming up in August and I've got to lose some weight and get some exercise so I'll be better able to tour and enjoy the trip. So, I guess it's back to weighing and measuring. But I'll still be making some of those delicious sauces, but I'll eat less of them at one sitting.

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