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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Last night some friends and I were discussing driving. I truly enjoy getting behind the wheel of my car, while, sadly, most of them just drive if they have to.

In the course of our conversation I confessed that I have a tendency to exceed the speed limit. My reason (or excuse) is that it's important to keep up with the traffic but I don't weave in and out of lanes or pass on the right. What I found really sad about our conversation is that they warned me that the police are looking for speeders and will ticket them. There was no concern about my welfare, or even the welfare of the other drivers on the road. Just that I would be caught and given a ticket.

It made me think that most people, it seems, believe the police are just laying in wait to "catch" poor innocent people. The opposite is true. If you speed or otherwise call attention to yourself, you will be tickted. I've been very lucky because I have not gotten a speeding ticket, but if I were stopped, I would deserve it.

There are too many people who feel sorry for those who bend the law. When my sons were in elementary school, we had a huge problem with double parkers especially on a rainy day. It seems some parents simply don't want their children to get a little wet, yet they don't care about anyone else who has to get around their double parked car to cross a busy six lane avenue. When the principal, the wife of a judge, asked for solutions, I suggested that she could simply have the police ticket each and every double parker. She said that wouldn't be nice or fair to those poor parents, and so the problem continued.

My feeling is that you should be prepared to take the consequences for your actions whether it's speeding or double parking.

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