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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Medical Update

Back in December I wrote about Alcides Moreno the windowwasher who fell 47 stories from an Upper East Side high-rise, AND survived.

This week I saw an article in THE NEW YORK POST. He is now home and walking. The only outward signs of this fall are a limp and long scar on his left calf. Unfortunately, his brother who was working with him on the same scaffold died in the fall.

Mr. Moreno astounded doctors who said that the fall was slowed by the flat scaffold platform's wind resistance and the possibility that it slammed into the ground corner first. He had serious injuries to his brain, chest and abdomen, several fractured ribs, a broken ar and both legs were smashed. The doctors and nurses at New York Hospital saved his life. He had 16 operations and several blook transfusions in the first three weeks.

On Christmas Day he spoke for the first time since the accident when he came out of a medically induced coma. He spent six weeks in the hospital, then went to a rehab center. He went home a few weeks ago and still goes to rehab three times a week.

It's a miracle that he not only survived but appears to be doing well.

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