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Saturday, June 7, 2008

The End of a Streak

Last night at our weekly Canasta game, my partner and I lost for the first time in at least five weeks. We had been on a roll. We had been doing so well, I thought it would last much longer. I tried not to gloat, but at times it was hard. There were other times when I actually felt guilty when we scored so many points and our opponents had to give up so many.

We played two full and one shortened game last night. We won the first game by 1000 points, but in the second we made a few mistakes and we couldn't recover. Finally, the other team went out and put us out of our misery. After all, what can you do with only one card in your hand and no canasta on the board.

We also lost the third game, but at least we went down fighting in this one. Hopefully, we can do better next Friday.

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