Monday, June 9, 2008

Post Office

Today I had to go to the post office to send the paperwork and keys for my old car to the insurance company.

I packed everything securely in a padded envelope and attached a return address and mailing label. I stepped up to the counter and said that I wanted to send this envelope via registered mail. That was a mistake. It seems that times have changed, registered mail must be in either a plain envelope or a box. And, the addresses must be written on the envelope or box, not on a label which can be removed by some unscrupulous person who could then redirect the parcel.

While there I heard the man at the next position arguing that his envelope was not a parcel, that he had used this type of envelope forever and had never been questioned. He even required confirmation from the supervisor. It seemed that new regulations went into effect in May that stated that envelopes with clasps are now considered parcels. We never heard about these changes.

There was also the man who wanted to send a money order and had to be reminded two or three times to complete the money order before sealing the envelope.

And we wonder why employees go "postal"

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