Tuesday, June 17, 2008

One Life to Live

Back in 1971 when I stopped working to await the birth of my long dreamed first child, little did I know that I would become hooked on a Soap. But I did.

Late in the afternoon, each day I would turn the TV on and watched One Life to Live. At first, I just watched for the fashions and hair styles, but slowly but surely, I became involved in the lives of Vicki, Karen, Larry, etc who lived in the town of Llanview, PA.

As the years went on and I got more busy with my boys and their school activities it became harder to watch. It came on at 2:00 PM, I could watch for 1/2 hour then it was time to pick the boys up from school. I missed a few shows, but could still follow the story.

Then came the magic of videotape. Of course I quickly learned to program the VCR, so I could tape my show and watch later that night when the house was quiet. On a busy week, the shows would build up and I'd spend Sunday watching five shows while ironing.

This year, One Life is celebrating 40 years on air. There have been some new characters, some evil, some good and some just for comedy effect. I still manage to sit down at 2:00 every afternoon (or 9:00 PM when I have a busy day) to watch the goings on in Llanview.

Vicki, played by Erika Slezak, is still there. She is the matriarch of the Lord Family. She has a brother and sister. Some of the other actors who have been on the show for a long time are Robert S. Woods, Robin Strasser and Kristen Alderson. These actors have given wonderful performances over the years, but I have to single out Kristen Alderson who is only 16 years old. I hope the writers keep giving her story lines that show off her ability as an actress.

To celebrate the show's 40th anniversary, the writers have had some of the characters return. Vicki's sister Tina (played by Andrea Evans) is back and Marty Saybrooke (played by Susan Haskell) has returned from the dead, although this is not unusual in the world of soaps. I've heard rumors of others returning.

There are several stars who appeared on OLTL when they were starting out. They are Judith Light, Tom Berenger, Laurence Fishburne, Blair Underwood, Phylicia Rashad, Roma Downey, Yasmin Bleeth, Marcia Cross and Tommy Lee Jones.

In this age of instantly successful shows and instantly failing shows, it's nice to see a show continue for so long.

Congratulations to the actors, writers and directors of One Life to Live. Here's to another 40 years.

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ms/sss said...

Infants helped get me hooked, too, but my favorite was, ALL MY CHILDREN. Years later, when I was no longer following the episodes, there was Grandma. I had gotten her hooked on the program, when she came and stayed with us, helping out with the children.
Now, so many Moms go out to work each day. Soaps are probably no longer reigning. Long live the memories!