Monday, June 2, 2008

Jon and Kate Plus Eight

Toight I caught one of my favorite shows, JON & KATE PLUS EIGHT. On this episode, they discussed all of the children with emphasis on their individuality. They don't lump the children together as the "twins" or the "sextuplets". In past shows they discussed having a special day for each child. They seemed to work out well and of course the children enjoyed the special attention. It's really important to have one-on-one, especially when there are so many children. You can get lost in the crowd.

Jon & Kate realize and appreciate all the help they've been given by friends and family. They take nothing for granted. The babies are now four so things have gotten a little easier, if you can call caring for eight children easy. Jon & Kate also are very grateful for the health of their children, they've mentioned how lucky they are that all the babies survived and have no major health problems.

They are a good team, and their love for each other and each of their children shows through every week.

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