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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Old Friends

Today I went to a luncheon with a group of 12 old friends. We went to grammar school eons ago. After graduation we all went our separate ways and about eight years ago we reconnected through It's so good to reconnect with the boys and girls (now men and women) we spent eight years with and see how our lives have turned out and what we have accomplished.

We met at Tesoro's Restaurant in Westbury and the food was delicious and plentiful. There was a good selection, something for every taste - pasta, fish, chicken, steak. And the dessert wasn't bad either.

We have one friend who doesn't live in the area, so I tried calling her on my cell. Unfortunately, the other people in the restaurant were very noisy, so it was very hard to speak with her. I think some of us were able to though.

I can't wait until we do it again.

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ms/sss said...

I'm the friend on the other end of the line. Elation is what I was feeling! My reception was very good, so I could hear each of the nine friends with whom I was able to speak. I was deeply deeply touched by the call!